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Introducing Dianne Tuitt - Fashion and Community

Dianne is an entrepreneur and a stylist from Birmingham who is passionate about fashion.

Here we showcase the work of Dianne, one of Birmingham's talented entrepreneurs. Let's inspire others to pursue their own dreams and passions! 

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19 Mar 2018 - FreeTimePays

Introducing Dianne Tuitt - An Inspirational Stylist with a passion for empowering women

We are delighted to introduce Dianne Tuitt, Dianne is a creative human being. Ever since she was a little girl she loved creating things, not knowing that it would lead to her in designing accessories within the fashion industry.

Stylist in Me was established in 2015 by Dianne from tragedy. Dianne calls it her saving grace. As her world went from safe to being turned upside down she found herself at the hospital asking herself so what now?

Read Dianne Tuitt's inspirational story by taking the article below


My name is Dianne Tuitt and I am a creative human being. What I mean by that is ever since I was a little girl I loved creating things not knowing that it would lead me to designing accessories within the fashion industry.

I graduated from college with my diploma in business management and business communication and began a 10 year career in management before a tragic turn of events led me to my passion, which is accessories. I was always known for my “stand out” fashion style and accessories, being in different colours, shapes and styles.

People would ask me where I got them, and I would often say to them not on the high street but from my travels and unique boutiques around the city of Birmingham.

Let’s go back a few years. 

Growing up on a Caribbean Island, walking the beautiful beaches, you find a lot of interesting things on the beaches, from melted glass to sea shells, which I would collect and take home to create a ring or necklace using my Dad's lines and wires he had for his various handy projects at home or at work.

I would sit for hours until I got frustrated as they sometimes did not come out as how I envisioned them. Here comes daddy to the rescue helping me construct each piece that I would then giveaway to local children and adults who loved them when shown. I definitely got my creativity from both parents.Fast forward and here I am today running my own accessories business from dealing with designers, working alongside my team to planning the business marketing structure for all quarters of 2018. I have a real passion for what I do as I love seeing women’s faces light up feeling more confident in their accessory choices when I finish styling them.

I went through a young adult phase of not feeling confident about the way I look and lack confidence in my body but now I use my unique style to help embrace who I am and stand more confidently in everything I do where I can now help other women feel more confident about themselves through style. I love styling and I love designing accessories, my true passions.

My favourite thing to do at the moment is research, as I love learning new things especially in business as you can never have enough information as things change so fast in this digital era we live in. I also like to travel and experience different cultures. I am currently taking care of my mum who is recovering from a stroke and I work alongside the rehab centre getting my mum involved in their activities and charity events. 


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20 Mar 2018 - FreeTimePays
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